Date Night Ideas for Parents

It’s no secret that getting away from the kids once in a while (as much as we love them) and focusing on our partners does wonders for our relationships. And as our relationships with our partners strengthen, we’re better able to care for our kids.

In the latest from our Ask a Dad series, we asked: Now that you’re parents, what is the perfect date night for you and your spouse/partner? 

Here’s what our dads had to say:

“2 hour nap!!! Just kidding. A concert or show is always something we enjoy and is a nice splurge. Otherwise, dinners where you’re not having to remind the little ones to finish their food or to stop playing with their food is always something we look forward to.”

“Leaving the kids at my/her parents house so she and I can sit on the couch and watch an entire movie together without hearing ‘my turn!’ a zillion times.”  –Dana

“Anyone can go on a date at dinner, or a movie, or anywhere, but it’s the conversations you have while doing something with your spouse/partner that makes the night.”

“My preference would be to play a sport together. Badminton seems to be a pretty fun game for couples. We haven’t had a date night in forever it seems :(

“DMS – Dinner, Movie, Sex (preferably in that order haha). Make the effort to dress nicely, engage in deep, meaningful conversation, go to a romantic movie — and then take off all your clothes! In other words, really date again.”

“We love to grab coffee or dinner and head out to see some live music. It’s time together and it’s something we used to do a lot before kids; it helps us feel like the ‘old us’ again.”

“A nice leisurely dinner at a new restaurant. We’re foodies, so that’s a good splurge for us. Sharing a good conversation over amazing food allows us to reconnect while we disconnect from our parenting just for a short period of time. Sitting back across the table from my husband and reflecting on how we got to that moment always gives a moment to pause and count our blessings.” -Scott

“Depends – My girlfriend and I enjoy going out to play pool and talk about life — what we want an where we want to go with our lives together. She’s the only woman that I’ve ever been with where we’ve had conversations about moving into a house, ideas for the house etc. We talk about the future of my son, talk about our future together, having our own kids together — the whole 9 yards. It’s fun to talk while we’re doing something we both enjoy. And somehow, every time we play a few games and talk like this, we reach a new level and bond in our relationship. Something so simple, yet so complex.”

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Ethan is a former musician and artist who is in love with being a dad. He balances his time between family, work and his other passions. He lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife, Casie and daughter, Olivia.

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