6 Awesome DIY Father’s Day Gifts

Dad, it’s your day. You’ve changed diapers faster than the F1 pit crews, kept your kids safer than the Crown Jewels and doled out more golden wisdom than an order of Buddhist monks. Let’s take a moment to celebrate you:

Congrats, you’re awesome.

And while you love your kids more than anything and never do any of it for the praise, it’s still nice to get a little recognition (at least) once a year. If the gifts of Father’s Day past have been less than stellar, it’s ok to give mom a subtle hint and show her some of these DIY gift ideas. Plus, they’re great projects to do with the kiddos.

Daddy’s Zombie Survival Kit
Father's Day zombie survival kit gift
Something every dad needs: to survive the zombie hoard. Whether he’s an old school Night of the Living Dead fan or roots for sheriff Grimes on the Walking Dead, he’ll appreciate this gift.

Zombie kit printables

Hero Handprints Board
Father's Day handprints gift
This is an easy project that produces great results. It’s also a great choice if your kids are still a little too young to participate much in the creation of the gift.

Handprints tutorial and printable

Wood Block Photo Transfer
Father's Day Wood Photo Transfer
Take a precious family photo and make it last. These wood block photo transfers are perfect for hanging around the house or in the office.

Photo transfer tutorial

Etched Drinking Glasses
Father's Day DIY Etched Drinking Glasses Gift
If he loves grilling, brews or pop, these etched drinking glasses will do the trick. He’ll be even more impressed when he finds out they’re homemade.

Etched glasses tutorial

Photo Magnet Board
Father's Day photo magnet board gift
This is a heartfelt gift and a beautiful way to display your family photos. Plus magnets. And lasers. Ok, just magnets.

Photo magnet tutorial

Kid’s Shadow Photo
Father's Day Shadow Photo Gift
What could be better than shadow silhouettes of your sweethearts? This one is super inexpensive and easy to pull off.

Shadow photo tutorial

There you have it: six great gifts and fun projects for the family. If you succeed in creating any of these (or even if you don’t) we’d love to see your results. Post them to our Facebook page. If you’re looking for more Father’s Day gift ideas, head over to our Father’s Day Pinterest board.


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